When I paint, I can travel to a place where there are gold trees, red skies, purple hills -- the land of infinite possibilities.

-Kate Moriarty


A unique voice in the world of Art, Los Angeles-based pastel artist, Kate Moriarty.

In January of 2005, Moriarty’s Artwork was featured in a ten page spread in the cutting-edge fashion magazine ZINK. Also, Modern Postcard chose Moriarty’s artwork for their Nationwide Campaign in the Fall of 2006.  Her growing list of collectors include well-known actors, artists, filmmakers and musicians.

From 2004-2009,  Moriarty owned and managed Evidence Gallery in West Hollywood. Merge Magazine wrote an article about her life as an Artist and Gallery owner.

 In 2010, she took a break from  the Art  world. She married her love and fellow artist Danny De La Matyr and gave birth to two beautiful girls, Stella and Izzy..

In late 2017 she has begun creating Art once again and opened her new store front gallery,  Kate Moriarty  Gallery in the majestic village of Valley Village, CA.  Her opening show will begin Dec 2, 2017 with many to follow.

As Margaret Danielak, author of A Gallery without Walls, explains: “Kate Moriarty is a masterful contemporary American Impressionist with a unique, signature style. Her universally appealing images—created in pastel on suede—are each executed with great care, exuding warmth, charm and grace.”

Moriarty holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Georgia.